The Pujanam-tales is a one click solution of All your religious belongings at one place.we are trying to establish a unbreakable bond between devotees and divine .we sell puja samagri , Gifts , Religious Books , Idols , etc. Also we do offer panditji everything at your doorstep . we offer havan samagri’s ,puja thaals , diyas , and every single stuff that is required in puja .The concept behind the is to take everything on a online platform and offer the best of our services to our beloved customers .Also it makes easy and convenient for customers to purchase anything , anywhere and recieve it right at the doorstep.we considered to list the products that are cheap and best in terms of quality .

We have faith in your faith , that’s why we are spending our every hour in providing value and convenience to our customers. we are working today for better tomorrow ,we always try to give our bestest possible in terms of Quality assurance,Fast Delivery , Reasonable Price , and fantastic experience to you. doesn’t matter where you are in the whole country , our logistics team cover the miles to give you a Home and Office delivery of the product you order from our website.

"Your trust is our strength"

Our Future Goals

Cultural Richness

   India is a economically rich country. and proving its super power Among  the powerful countries in the world. but the economical richness is the  second thing , the jewel of the India the first thing due to which India has it’s royalty , is cultural richness. Our culture , our spirituality is our power . but in today’s world we are lacking somewhere with our culture and spirituality . we need to understand that spirituality has everything a person is in search of. spirituality or faith in god is just an alternative of our meditation. pujanam with your help and support taking a step to bring back the cultural richness in our country.

National Peace

 our goals of national peace is associated with the people’s mind and their inner thought.the root of crime  is sometime the distance from spirituality. it’s because the spirituality teaches us the respect of living being on the earth , it teaches the respect of elders, it teaches us to stay calm and have faith in god every time there is some problem.we can’t say that going completely into spirituality will solve every problem we have . but we can say that the spirituality can make a “worst person” a “wise person” in terms of  social behavior.and the goal of pujanam is to use this method of turning the “worst” into “wise” and spread this concept in the whole country to turn the criminals “worst” into Gentlemens “wise” and together contribute in the national peace.

Friendly Environment

The Establishment of the friendly environment among the whole country is the third important goal of pujanam. and this huge achievement could get possible with the support of you all by sharing our blogs , our website, among your friends ,families , to encourage them to include the spirituality and nationality into their lives and ease up the things. the involvement into spirituality and celebration of puja’s , like ganesh chaturthi , and durga pooja along with the neighbours , friends and family creates a friendly environment. therefore  it’s should be our priority to share this experience of joy with everyone and everywhere. and celebrate this type of occasions frequently to develop understanding and love among the people around us.

Who are we? - We are you !

The Brand Pujanam is constantly working with you , working for you , we exist to serve you the best we have .

To us the devotion is all about elevating human potential, we obsess the needs of the devotees using their insights our team is working vigorously towards our goal of complete customer’s satisfaction.

If we can help, then why don't we?

Human Beings , are different from all other creatures in the world. because Humans have understanding , we humans can understand situations and act accordingly. so why not give a hand of help to someone who is in need.and understand the thing that If we can ,then why don’t we?. 

If we can teach, then we don't we ?

Knowledge is one of the basic necessity of a person to survive in the today’s world.and “The exclusive sign of thorough Knowledge, is the power of teaching”. If we can teach someone about something that we think is important and beneficial to any individual person or to the world.then why don’t we ?.

If we can make someone smile,then why don't we?

Smile is a very precious gift that one can give to someone. In the world full of  stress , anxiety , conflicts , and war the peace only comes with the smile , “A smile is the key that fits the lock of every heart”. we want everyone in this world to experience the feeling of making someone happy and give them a prettiest smile as a gift to wear.this small contributions make huge transitions so If we can , then why can’t we?.

If we can donate ,then why don't we ?

“We make a living by what we get , but we make a life by what we give”. this line clearly explains that donation has a great value in itself. a small donation can make huge difference and humans are born to help ,to donate ,to teach , to spread happiness, everywhere in the world. we must use our one hand for our self and the other hand for the others . because there is nothing in the world that is our,even our body is the donation of our parents .so if we can donate ,then why don’t we?. 

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