Akshat - Yellow


Akshat – Yellow


Akshat is the symbol of totality and prosperity . so why not take a step ahead put it into the cart and bring some prosperity into our home as well .

Happy Pujanam.

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 Learn, why Akshat is essentials in these 7 sacred tasks

1) Akshat Symbolizes Totality and prosperity

Akshat means something which is not broken , i.e. complete .The whole rice used in the pooja is called Akshat.            Akshat symbolizes totality and prosperity.That is why it is important to use it for worship in Hinduism.

2 ) Rice is the most pure in closure of paddy

God is offered with completely clean and pure things.Because the rice is stuck inside the paddy so there is no chance of hoarding by  animals and birds .

3) The evil spirits run away due to Akshat

Akshat is used in many rituals of marriage.It is believed that evil spirits run away from the Akshat. That is why the bride and groom devote it to fire.The people of the family sprinkle Akshat over the couple.It is believed that in this way both get the blessings of richness in life.

4 ) The Akshat is the symbol of prosperity

While leaving the house during farewell (vidaai ), the girl throws Akshat backwards towards the family ,It is seen in a way that she is returning back everything she had from her family , also wishing that prosperity in her maternal house always remains behind her .

5 ) For the grace of the deity (Kul-Devta )

Bride when gets arrived to her In-Laws house , sprinkles Akshat to all four sides of the house.It is said that because of this the grace of the deity (KUL-DEVTA ) is maintained  in the family .

6 ) Lakshmi’s entry with Akshat

During the entry of bride, there is the ritual in hindu community in which the Kalash full of rice is pushed by the feet of the bride . Rice is the symbol of prosperity , It is said that with this ritual the ” bride ” is bringing Maa Lakshmi and Prosperity inside the house .

7) Applied along with tilak on forehead for thee peace of mind

Akshat is used while applying tilak .On forehead where tilak is applied that place is associated with (Agyachakra). that’s why when we apply tilak on forehead we feel energetic and our focus and concentration get’s increased .



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