Raksha Sutra


Raksha Sutra


Raksha Sutra  protect us from harm, evil spirits, bad habits.

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Raksha sutra is an auspicious hindu thread also known as moli or Kalawa. The sacred thread that is tied on our hands prior to the start of puja is called a Raksha Sutra. Raksha means protection, and Sutra means sacred thread. During a Pooja the Pandit will tie the Raksha Sutra on your hand while he chants the sacred mantra. The purpose of the Sutra is to protect us from harm, evil spirits, bad habits, and to keep our minds focus. With the tying of the Raksha Sutra on our hands we are asking Bhagwan to bless us so that only good deeds may be done with your hands. One should always wear the Raksha Sutra on wrist and there are no restrictions to wearing it. Ideally Women should wear it on left wrists and men should wear on right wrist.

The holy thread when tied on wrist, represents the relationship between soul and supreme soul (Atma & Paramatma). It also invokes blessings by God so that the one who ties it, always does Good Deeds.

If you , any family member or kid in family are suffering from nazar dosha , evil eye or get ill too frequently then take a black colored raksha sutra and visit any nearest Hanuman temple in your locality , request the priest to bless the thread . Pandit ji will put the thread near the feet of Hanumana idol and will give this back to you. Now, on any auspicious timing tie the thread revolving this 1 time , 3 time or 7 time around left wrist or feet ( women) and right wrist or feet (men) ,  take some money out like 11 rs or 21 rs , touch the money with your forehead and pray Lord Hanumana to protect you from nazar doshas and evil eye. Donate this money to any gaushala, temple donation box or any type of charity. You will feel the difference in health. Please do with full faith.

Raksha sutras come in many colors, most popular being red , black and yellow. Many temples in India will tie the raksha sutra on your wrist during your visit to temple, this is sheer blessing, consider yourself lucky .

Anyone can tie a Raksha sutra to anyone , like a guru can tie on wrist on disciple, a wife on the wrist of her husband , a mother to kid , a sister to her brother and vice versa.

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